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In my opinion, this is not a problem. You or any other user can post an answer to this or to any other question in the site. The fact of having some comments written by some specific users shouldn't be a problem or a barrier: anyone can answer!


I think the quote adds the important source to the statement, but its content should be made clear throughout the answer. I'd then suggest to summarize what the citation says and report it. This might be especially valuable in case the quote is from an Italian website and the answer is given in English instead.


Who should post an answer? The first one to post an answer. Comments are not unhelpful, but they are "second best" on SE sites. First of all, they are likely to get deleted eventually. An answer won't, unless it is really bad, or "spam." Second of all, an answer can be upvoted (or downvoted) a comment can't (except in extreme cases connected with "flagging)....


If the rest of the Internet dies and this site is the only one still online, would the answer still be valuable? If the answer is yes, then the answer is fine. If the answer is no, then go ahead, ask for improvement and even flag it if you think it's not salvageable.


I think that I have the answer to this question. The problem was that, for a time, whenever you visited the unanswered questions page, only one question was found there, essentially the same one that it's there now. Nevertheless, this question was also unanswered, but for some reason didn't appear in the unanswered questions page. Now that this question has ...


You have stumbled upon a hilarious and weird quirk of the Stack Exchange engine. One of those tabs shows questions that have no answers at all. The other shows questions that have no upvoted answers. This has been confounding people since the dawn of time.


No. No. No. I can say it straightforward. Answers consisting of only a quote are a subset of google results and do not contain added value. An answer shows usually an effort, some research, information that cannot be found just googling around.


I would say that depends from the question: If the question is much relevant for people learning Italian, for example questions about the correct Italian word to use when translating an English word (provided the OP says what he is trying to say), then the question should be written in English. The first language spoken by the user who writes the question ...

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