Would it make sense to subdivide further , for instance into tags for Northern, Central and Southern Italian (and Swiss-Italian if the need arises)? It feels like in many cases OP already knows which of these variants applies.

  • I think it would be interesting to explain the reason of the downvote.
    – Charo Mod
    Dec 27 '18 at 11:19
  • 1
    I really don't know because I'm not Italian and, unfortunately, I don't know very much about this subject, but it seems to me that this post claims that it's not so easy to make such a distinction.
    – Charo Mod
    Dec 27 '18 at 11:25
  • 2
    @Charo Downvotes in Meta just mean "I disagree", from what I understand. I don't think it needs an explanation. Dec 27 '18 at 13:08

I personally do not think it is necessary. We do not have enough questions with the tag to justify splitting it. Remember: to justify splitting a tag we not only need that the subject admits a natural division of the topic, but also that there are enough question in each of the subcategories to justify a separate tag.


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