I was recently perusing the Area 51 analytics for this site and I was struck but just how few questions we have. In particular I have asked no questions, and I am not the only active user to have done so. Sometimes I feel that if it weren't for Charo, this site would be dead (thanks!) The problem is, I cannot come up with any good "type" of questions I would like to ask. So I decided to ask the community for ideas.

What are "templates" for good questions to ask in this site, especially for questions asked by native speakers?

Let me get the ball rolling with a couple of (weak) suggestions:

  • Etymologies. There just aren't any good online resources for etymologies in Italian, so if you do not have an etymological dictionary near you (for example because you do not live in Italy) you are stuck. It is then natural to ask for questions here

  • Consecutio temporum Sometimes it is just hard to decide which tense to use. Ask it here!

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    I agree that 0,9 questions/day is something poor. I personally asked for just only a question and I'm concerned about the situation. And obviously I propose @Charo as permanent lifetime gold level moderator :)) – abarisone Sep 20 '17 at 6:11
  • Related: italian.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/1218/… – Gio Sep 30 '17 at 11:00
  • Now we have reached 3 questions/day: it's the first time I have seen this on Italian.SE! Nevertheless, my impression now is that we need more people participating actively doing other things: writing answers and comments; voting questions, answers and comments; reviewing posts... – Charo Jan 6 '18 at 20:40
  • Regional Italian. I'm not referring to the different languages or the so called "dialects" spoken in Italy, but rather to the esistence of differences in the way Italian is spoken in different regions of Italy. There can be differences in pronunciation, vocabulary and use of grammatical structures. This makes the language richer and, in my opinion, it would be interesting to learn more about these regional differences. To make an example in my own language (Catalan), it was exciting to me to discover someone from Mallorca asking for a "gelat de fraula" where I would have said "gelat de maduixa" (the meaning of this expression is "strawberry ice cream").
  • Idioms. Explaining what they mean and in which context they are used. This topic is related to @Charo's regional Italian, since there may be changes between regions for the same concept
  • Word/expression translation. Sometimes users of this forum complained that it is not a automatic translation site, but it is true that for foreign people could be hard to understand if a form of a word or expression is suitable in certain context. On this we could stretch a point.

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